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VoiceHall Technology

VoiceHall is investing in research & development of a comprehensive framework of client and server technologies to enable web-to-web and web-to-SIP voice connections:

VoiceHall Auditorium Server - enables web voice connections and includes advanced voice flow control algorithms to provide the best possible voice experience on the web

VoiceHall SIP Server - enables web to SIP voice connections and allows interoperability of VoiceHall technologies with VOIP, PBX and traditional telephony systems

VoiceHall Web Voice Mail - enables web voice mail and includes advanced speech processing alogirthms to provide high speech quality and time-saving voice mail experience on the web

VoiceHall Web Chat and Phone Applets - enable web site users to speak through the web as they would in an auditorium or as if they were using an advanced telephone

VoiceHall Web Voice API - allows integration of web applets with JavaScript / HTML and enables integration of voice connections into web applications and more complex web platforms

VoiceHall technologies can easily be integrated and deployed using existing web infrastructure. Please check the products section for product information.



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