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VoiceHall Web VoiceMail enables web voicemail on your websites with minimum effort required from the website developer and provides time-saving interface to send and listen to voicemail. A small web applications that can be put on your web pages acts like a voicemail receiver. A visitor of your website may send a voicemail message by a click of a mouse. Voicemail messages are accessible for playback and download through a web interface.

Main benefits:

  • time-saving method to receive messages or feedback from your clients with very little effort required on the part of the clients
  • time-saving voicemail playback supporting variable speed playback and automatic skipping of silence
  • high-quality voice recording (much better than phone quality)
  • hundreds of messages can be received at the same time without a busy tone
  • minimum effort required to implement on your webpages

Speaking is so much faster than typing. By saving the time and effort of your clients you can greatly increase the chances of receiving valuable feedback from your web site.

If your clients can use Skype and watch YouTube they are already technically equipped to use VoiceHall technology. These are millions of people that you can now interact with in the most human way - using voice.

VoiceHall VoiceMail Server includes proprietary voicemail processing abilities to provide the best possible voicemail experience on web standard Flash platform.

VoiceHall Web VoiceMail Technical Specifications
Server requirements hosting provided through VoiceHall VoiceMail Server
Number of simultaneous voice channels TBA
Voice channel quality and bandwidth from 8 kHz / 24 kbps up to 44 kHz / 88 kbps
Web API JavaScript / HTML + Flash
Web client requirements Flash 9 or Flash 10
Web server requirements PHP recommended for user authentication and authorization
Access security cryptographic access token support



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