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About VoiceHall

VoiceHall allows web site visitors to talk to each other, make phone calls and send voicemail messages through the web site. No downloads are required, you only need a browser with a flash plugin, a microphone, and headphones or speakers.

VoiceHall adds a human touch to your web site and your user community by enabling live voice conversations, efficient voice messaging and seamles connection to the traditional telephony network.

In short, VoiceHall voice enables your web site.

Featured product: VoiceHall Auditorium
VoiceHall Auditorium Screenshot

How VoiceHall Auditorium Works:

1. A web site visitor opens your web page and instantly joins voice conversation as a listener

2. By clicking a button a visitor can enable a microphone and participate in a multi-way voice conversation

Click on the image left for a demo.

VoiceHall Solutions

VoiceHall is developing inovative products and technologies for the natural evolution of human interaction on the web.



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